*Since these facilities are used by many people, who rely on their neighbors' courtesy to be able to do their laundry when they need to do it, the following guidelines govern the use of this room:

Laundry Room Rules

1. Laundry hours end when the Gayle's established quiet hours begin.

2. Clean up after yourself, paying special attention to the top surfaces and interiors of the machines.

3. Collect your laundry promptly so that the next person doesn't have to remove it from the machine in order to take their turn. Move wet laundry to the dryer immediately so that the person after you doesn't have to wait longer than necessary to dry their load. Take note of the digital countdown display on each machine, and return to the laundry room by the time your laundry's cycle stops.

4. Users may leave baskets of dirty laundry in the room during the day while awaiting their turn with each machine, but only if they are in the room when a machine becomes free will they be guaranteed the next turn with it. ("Free machine" = the cycle is finished, after which time anyone may remove the laundry inside of it in order to start a new cycle.)

5. To ensure adequate space for all users, each unit may store one container of detergent and/or one container of fabric softener inside the provided cabinet. All laundry supplies must be labeled with their corresponding unit's number, or they will be considered abandoned and will be donated to a shelter.

6. No other personal items, including baskets and laundry (wet or dry, clean or dirty) may be left overnight in the laundry room. This ensures that open space will always be available at the moment a person is doing their laundry, and also reduces the number of visible items in the room that might tempt a would-be thief looking through the window. (Note that half of the building's storage lockers are located at the back of the laundry room, and thefts have occurred there and inside the laundry area itself.)

7. Remove excess or loose pet hair/dirt/debris from laundry before putting it into the machines so that debris isn't left behind when the next person uses the washer or dryer.

8. Heavily soiled or unsanitary items should be laundered at a laundromat, which, presumably, sanitizes its machines regularly (unlike our laundry company, which never does).

9. Clean the dryer's lint screen after your load so that lint doesn't build up and create a fire hazard.

10. Report problems with the machines to the board immediately, or call the posted number for MacGray, the company we lease our machines from. Leave a note on the outside of the laundry room door to alert others that one or both machines are out of commission, and that you or the board have contacted MacGray.

11. The door must remain closed and locked any time the room is unattended.

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