Alarm Resetting Instructions

If the power in the building goes out, the alarm unit in the basement will switch to battery operation and buzz continuously to alert us that it needs to be reset. The “reset” or “S2” switch (also labeled “silence” in ink) will be in the down position; pushing it back up to its normal position should end the buzzing. The “S1” switch to the right of it should also be in the up position. (Note: for some reason, the alarm’s instruction booklet shows the “S” switches reversed—read the labels on the alarm unit itself.)

When the electricity is restored, check the basement unit; it will need to be reset again if the S2 switch has automatically gone back to the down position. It and the S1 switch should both be up.

The light on the panel hanging toward the bottom of the unit should be glowing green. A yellow or red light means either that the unit needs to be reset or that there is another problem; when in doubt, contact
AAA Fire & Safety, the company that services our alarm, at 284-1721. After hours, their answering service will take a message, or you can call their technician Matt at his cell number: 551-6270.

In case of a real fire, call 911; our alarm is NOT connected to the fire department, and they will not know to come unless someone from the Gayle calls them. If something other than a fire (such as monthly testing) causes the system to malfunction and set off the very loud building-wide alarm (NOT just a buzzing audible only on the basement level), and you cannot successfully reset the basement alarm unit, call the fire department to reset it for you: 386-1400 during business hours. After hours the only way to get a prompt response is to call 911 and request a crew to reset the system.

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